Table Hostess

LED Table hostess is a new form of entertainment used in events in India. LED Table Hostess is a great addition to any event. It can used to serve wine is decorative glasses as well. An LED Table Hostess looks like someone’s who’s out of this world. She adds a much-needed glamour to your event.

She can take any form- from a celebratory birthday cake to a sensual bartender. She is always at your service. She is always the apple of the crowd. With wheels on the table, the LED Table Hostess roams around the whole arena serving all the guests. She carries with herself the favourite drinks of the guests. Highly attractive and professional, she is the centre of attraction. Whether it’s a still table, champagne stroller or a rolling table, our Table Hostess is a great companion to have at any event. Besides being attractive, they are good at entertaining guests as well. Our LED Table hostesses have great communication skills and are very good to talk to. They are smart and presentable.

While some customers prefer the still LED table act, others prefer the rolling table where the performer meet all guests to serve them drinks. Whatever your requirement, we have an artist for you. Whether it is serving milkshakes, cocktails, martinis or even beer, we have it all covered. All your guests will have a great time, clicking photos and enjoying their drinks. The LED table hostess always has a smile on her face to welcome all the guests.

Event Manpower is your one stop solution for all your event needs. We have an experienced and talented team of performers who are specially assigned to take care of all your needs. Don’t hesitate in informing us about any special needs that need to be taken care of. We will ensure that you are fully satisfied with our services.

We make great memories. All our services are available at the best prices. We have collaboration with numerous artists around the country as well as in different parts of the world. We know what your requirements are and strive to deliver just that. Our services are available at the most affordable prices. We are among the best at what we do. Here’s hoping you have an amazing event. Contact us for the best service!

We have experience in wide range of events. We have hosted and organised Birthday parties, Sangeet, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Outings, Team Building Activities, Out Bound Training, Product Launches, Dealers Meets, Mall Activities, Annual days, Conferences, Quiz Shows, Press Meets, Audio Launches to name a few. Our customers have given us outstanding reviews. Most of them are repeat customers who recommend us to others as well.

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our portfolio

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