Anchors For Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a source of great fun. They are a moment of joy and celebration. So why not organise it to perfection with our experienced anchors who know how to keep the party going. With a large number of birthdays happening every year, people tend to forget them, and they aren’t memorable.We have created a service that would take the stress out of hosting parties. Life goes by too fast and our schedules are much too busy. When we finally take the time to gather family, friends and business associates, we should cherish those moments and enjoy them! Besides there is too much hustle and bustle going on and the objective of the occasion is lost.

Event Manpower provides great anchors who not only ensure that everyone pays attention but also make sure that everyone has a great time as well. Many a times few elder persons need to be facilitated and made felt comfortable. Our anchors will ensure just that. They will exuberate the confidence and drive the whole function. If you are including performers as well, they will ensure they are well introduced and will also share a light-hearted conversation with them. They will greet all your guests with a great smile and a warm hand shake. Our hostsare specially trained to “co-host” with you. We will handle the labour side of hosting. They arrive in uniform (white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, black tuxedo apron, black pants/skirt). If you have any specific requirements regarding the dress code, please inform us beforehand so that we can arrange for the same. When we leave, it looks like a party never took place.

Event Manpower ensures that all work is done on time. Our anchors reach half an hour early and coordinate will all the guests to make sure that everything is on track. If you have any special requests don’t hesitate to keep us informed. We will handle them for you.

Contact us for a beautiful evening. A birthday that you will remember for a long time. We believe in a warm and satisfying service and our anchors will light up your evening with great humour and excitement. Their services are available at the best prices, lower than many of our competitors. It will be your money’s worth. Get ready for a night you will remember for a long time to come.

We have experience in wide range of events. We have hosted and organised Birthday parties, Sangeet, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Outings, Team Building Activities, Out Bound Training, Product Launches, Dealers Meets, Mall Activities, Annual days, Conferences, Quiz Shows, Press Meets, Audio Launches to name a few. Our customers have given us outstanding reviews. Most of them are repeat customers who recommend us to others as well.

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our portfolio

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