Aerial Champagne Chandelier Girls

Every event, particularly a wedding or private party gets boring after a certain point of time. So how do you keep the interest going. A spectacular act which gets the crowds attention is a great way to make people laugh and enjoy the event. Aerial Champagne Girls Act is a great option for those looking for an amazing event. A highly impressive and unique entertainment choice for weddings and parties, these talented aerial male and female bartenders will add a brilliant ambient twist to any event, whether indoors or outdoors.

Each performer effortlessly oozes class and decadence as they effortlessly perform upside down on a trapeze, aerial hoop, or even crystal chandelier! In addition to serving champagne, or any other drinks of your choice in a novel way, they can also serenade your guests with beautiful violin music whilst suspended from their ethereal perches.

Event Manpower is the premier manpower company for all types of events. We know what is right for your event and strive to deliver just that. Perfect for helping your special event to stand out from the crowd, our aerial bartenders come in many forms and can also tailor their costumes or aerial silks to compliment an event theme or particular colour scheme. Clients are able to hire one aerialist or a whole ensemble of champagne aerialists to create a truly breath-taking spectacle.

The chandelier act is truly breath-taking. Imagine this, guests arrive at your event and in the centre of the venue is a giant glittering chandelier. Of course, it attracts everyone’s attention and they marvel at its beauty. Just as everyone is staring skyward, a beautiful nymph begins to descend from the shimmering light fitting. In her hands she is clasping a bottle of champagne.

What could be more perfect?

Event Manpower is one of the few companies in India which can deliver such great performances. Contact us for a truly great event. We are simply the best at what we do. Our artists are professional and talented and know exactly what you would need to make your event a big hit. They offer their services at the most affordable prices. You would be surprised at what you get for your money. Here’s hoping you have a spectacular event. Event Manpower is your very own saviour whom you can call upon any minute.

We have experience in wide range of events. We have hosted and organised Birthday parties, Sangeet, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Outings, Team Building Activities, Out Bound Training, Product Launches, Dealers Meets, Mall Activities, Annual days, Conferences, Quiz Shows, Press Meets, Audio Launches to name a few. Our customers have given us outstanding reviews. Most of them are repeat customers who recommend us to others as well.

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